Encouraging and Embracing Staff Diversity and Inclusion

As a global company, MWH considers diversity and inclusion an essential element to achieving success toward our goal of working as “One Global Community”. Therefore, we are committed to actively recruiting top talent with diverse skills, backgrounds and personal experiences, and providing all employees with a supportive environment in which to flourish.

You will find our employees succeed based on their achievements not on their race, gender or national origin. That is because we are fully committed to creating a supportive and satisfying environment for every employee across the world.

We believe that solutions come from looking at things from wide variety of perspectives. By drawing on the wide variety of life experiences, value structures, life styles, and cultural backgrounds, MWH uses our own creativity and innovation to provide varied and innovative solutions to our clients.

MWH often encourages employees to work outside of their home countries. We want staff to be comfortable not only with other cultures, but also with other types of complex projects. It is all part of our commitment to building and sharing knowledge company-wide. This is accomplished through:

  • Knowledge communities and internal affinity groups
  • The MWH University system
  • And day-to-day interaction with one another – working collaboratively on a ‘follow the sun’ approach to work.

MWH is proud to highlight incredible women leading change. Read more about their roles and passion on our 2016 International Women’s Day page.

Our company promotes initiatives to encourage greater gender, racial and cultural diversity. These include:

Education: MWH University provides component of expanding individual and corporate understanding across geographical and cultural boundaries, through faces to face classes, online delivery and regional workshops.

Recruitment: MWH has long been committed to hiring a more diverse workforce. Using statistical analysis data from the Engineering Workforce Commission, the company targets educational institutions with excellent academic reputations and a solid representation of women and minority students.

MWH has always been a great place for veterans and military service members. Our community of leaders come to us from various branches, roles and special operations and we value the strength of military skills, experience and leadership brought to our organization.