Young Professionals Group

MWH Young Professional GroupLaying a New Foundation for the Future 

Our people are our greatest asset. We understand the importance of leveraging the energy and innovative minds of our young professionals while maintaining the wisdom of our more seasoned professionals to provide the best service to our clients.

That’s why more than two decades ago, MWH created the Young Professionals Group (YPG) to provide leadership, technical and professional development, and networking opportunities within the company. Since its inception, the group has developed through the planning and actions of young staff and has spread to global offices through a grass roots development approach. Today the group is comprised of 600 team members in 70 offices representing 10 countries.

YPG is all about…

  • Developing professionals technically and professionally;
  • Connecting professionals with each other, MWH leadership, clients and wider industry;
  • Building a Better World through environmental and community contributions.


Our vision is for the YPG to work side-by-side with the leaders of MWH to leverage the knowledge, skills and energy of YPG members to contribute to the success of MWH.


Organize initiatives and create opportunities for young professionals to gain experience and step into leadership roles in the office and across MWH.


Be the recognized leader in developing and advocating young professionals at MWH by providing career enhancement through quality education programs, global networking and leadership opportunities.