Professional services firms MWH-Stantec and Gripfast Consulting have announced that they are working together to pursue project management opportunities in the Australian market.

As a combined team the ‘Stanfast’ partnership has local offices in every State of Australia.  Both companies also have a strong track record of project management and contract administration services in Australia and abroad.  A snapshot of some key projects can be seen below (click on the image to view full size version of the map).

MWH-Stantec brings strength, knowledge, and relationships coupled with global expertise to the partnership, with a strong local presence and long-term commitment to the people and places it serves. The parent company of MWH Global Inc. is Stantec Inc., a publicly traded Canadian corporation. Stantec trades on the TSX and the NYSE under the symbol STN.

Gripfast Consulting is a bespoke Australian company offering unique insights into construction project management and project delivery.  Gripfast team members have been part of Defence teams, delivering projects nationally and internationally.  Gripfast Consulting has taken this experience into the civilian project management sector where they have been able to combine the requirements of project management and contract administration with the value base that is inherent for serving personnel.  For more information visit