MWH1700080_BLAST_LinkedIn Social Media Blast_v2With rapid change occurring in the water industry, Ashok Sukumaran, General Manager of our Australian water business, takes a look at how utilities will operate in an increasingly high-tech and customer-centric world. In the May 2017 issue of Utility Magazine, Ashok and co-author Gregory Poussardin of Accenture, ANZ Water Utilities, explore emerging trends, and how digital tools and new techniques will create operational efficiencies in the provision of water and wastewater services.

Check out this excerpt from the article below:

Water and wastewater treatment in Australia and New Zealand have seen significant change in the last two decades. Water utilities are under constant pressure from the community to protect the environment, treat water or wastewater to a higher quality, and meet the demands of digitally connected communities and customers. These industry pressures are combined with broader issues such as emerging technologies, population growth, rapid urbanisation, climate change, extremes of weather patterns, ageing assets, supply chain transformation, and the need for more efficient performance.

As the industry continues to navigate the evolving utility landscape, it has become clear that water utilities wanting to prepare and future-proof their organisation need to reconsider their approach to investment. In order to operate more efficiently, reduce costs, engage customers, and provide a healthier and more environmentally friendly service, utilities need to embrace industry evolution in line with the following trends.

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