Current estimates predict Sydney to grow by 1.6 million people over the next 15 years, bringing with it increased stress on the city’s metropolitan road network. Over the next five years’, investment in major projects across greater Sydney is expected to double as a result.

L-R: Stephanie Bullock, Jacob Weir and Neil Armstrong

L-R: Stephanie Bullock, Jacob Weir and Neil Armstrong

For the next six months Stephanie Bullock, Neil Armstrong and Jacob Weir are seconded to Roads and Maritime Services to support the design and delivery of projects that will help ease congestion across metropolitan Sydney.

‘Part of creating a community means giving people and goods the freedom to move within and between places with ease,’ said Stephanie Bullock, Transport Planning Leader NSW at MWH, now part of Stantec. ‘So when the opportunity arose, we knew we could help a growing Sydney get where it wants to go.’

Working as the Leader for Road Transport System Planning at Roads and Maritime, Ms. Bullock plans to take a strategic approach to keep people moving. ‘My focus will include the design of road corridor strategies,’ she continued, ‘and creating a road planning framework toolkit.’

Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Weir, however, will take a different focus during their secondment. ‘As Network Development Managers our job is to work with the delivery arms of Roads and Maritime to prioritise and integrate road network measures across existing projects,’ explained Mr. Armstrong.

‘So even though we have a slightly different focus, it is exciting to know that all three of us directly contribute to Sydney’s roadmap to here, there and everywhere,’ concluded Mr. Weir.