Dams & Hydropower

Dams and hydropower MWHWe Represent a World-Class Concentration of Dams and Hydropower Expertise

Since 1920, we have designed hundreds of new dams globally, producing clean reliable energy and water storage solutions for millions around the world. Our first-class reputation has been earned by delivering projects in 35 countries on six continents.

Our focus is on providing sustainable solutions for our clients and the community, whether through the construction of new facilities or improving the safety and efficiencies of existing projects. Our sustainable and economic solutions minimise the impact of dam facilities on the environment and surrounding communities while providing owners with safe and reliable long-term performance.


Check out some of our recent Asia Pacific Dams and Hydropower experience below:

Central Highlands Water Dams, Australia

CHWMWH dams engineers undertook comprehensive surveillance inspections and annual intermediate safety inspections of CHW’s dams, and assists CHW in prioritising dam upgrades using a risk management approach. MWH was also commissioned in the role of Superintendent for the construction of safety upgrade works at Musical Gully Dam.

MWH has also just completed the detailed design for safety upgrade works for Wilsons Dam and Beales Dam involving the provision of retrofitted filter zones and construction of weighting berms.

Warragamba Dam Technical Services, Australia

WarragambaSince 2007, MWH has provided technical services for Warragamba Dam. MWH has delivered final design of the gate upgrading and strengthening works including the development of effective and safe designs that would allow the dam to remain operational, and meet the dam owner’s statutory requirements. We also facilitated risk management review workshops for the fault tree analysis of the failure modes for the Warragamba Dam gates.

MWH has recently been awarded a contract to undertake a study to develop preferred options and costings for raising the dam wall height.

Nadarivatu Hydroelectric Power Scheme, Fiji

NadarivatuThe 42 MW Nadarivatu Hydropower Station was recently constructed in the remote central area of Viti Levu in Fiji. The project was complex and consisted of a concrete gravity buttress weir, tunnel, penstock and surface power house.

As the owner’s engineer, MWH provided full design services covering all aspects of the project from geotechnical and materials investigations, hydrology and flood assessment, mechanical, electrical, transmission line and switchyard, communications, controls through to civil, structural, construction supervision and commissioning.

Clyde Dam Engineering Support Services, New Zealand

CydeSince 2003, MWH has been assisting Contact Energy with its safety management plan for Clyde Dam, conducting performance reporting, dam inspections, provided technical support on operational rules and engineering advice on works associated with review of seismic motions for the dam from updated studies of faulting on the Dunstan fault.

MWH also provided technical witnesses to support Contact Energy’s application for resource consents to operate its dams and reservoirs.

MWH provides services that span the life of a project guaranteeing success from planning and design to decommissioning:

  • Safety and risk assessment
  • Regulatory approvals and stakeholder engagement
  • Water intakes and outlets
  • Water conveyance systems
  • Dam raising
  • Dam construction
  • Powerhouses
  • Transmission
  • Spillways

MWH ensures our clients obtain optimal efficiency throughout their projects’ operation:

  • Asset optimisation
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Dam safety management
  • Plant Rehabilitation and upgrade

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