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David Bell

David Bell

General Manager, Transportation - Australia & New Zealand

M: +61 419 725 336

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Docklands timelapse crossingTraffic engineering adopts solutions to deliver safe and efficient movement of goods and people on the transport network. Traffic engineering considers the function of the transport system and includes consideration of many other related topics such as road safety.

Our traffic engineers have delivered solutions right  across Australia for many local and national government clients.

Our services include:

  • Concept roading design
  • Pedestrian and cycle design
  • Traffic signal assessment and design
  • Intersection analysis
  • Traffic signs and road markings design
  • Safety design and audit
  • Traffic impact assessments
  • Traffic surveys and studies
  • Traffic management plans
  • Access and parking assessment and design
  • Trip generation and distribution.

Transportation Engineering MWH
Transportation planning is about providing transport facilities where they deliver the greatest benefit. Developing transport solutions which integrate with surrounding land-uses ensures a vibrant and sustainable community.

Across Australia, MWH, now a part of Stantec, delivers transportation planning projects with our team of technical specialists providing services to national government, local government and private developers.

Our people have developed an excellent track record in all aspects of transportation planning with successful projects delivered across Australia. Our transport planners specialise in planning and advisory services for land use and integrated transport, infrastructure planning and policy development and implementation.

Our services include:

  • Business case writing
  • integrated transport and land use planning
  • Network and corridor planning
  • Integrated transport assessments
  • Traffic impact assessments
  • Regional and local area transport plans
  • Urban development planning
  • Car-parking surveys, analysis and strategies
  • Pedestrian and cycle modelling and planning
  • Accessibility planning
  • Travel plans
  • Travel demand management
  • Transport policy.


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