Walking, Cycling & Public Transport

Public Transportation MWHOur staff are Passionate about Active Transport

We deliver walking, cycling and public transport projects that are safe and contribute to the improved health of Australians while maximising the capacity of the existing road network.

Across Australia, MWH, now part of Stantec delivers pedestrian and cycling design projects with our team of technical specialists providing advice to local authorities on the latest research, and guidance on developing standards. We develop strategies and build integrated facilities that help local authorities deliver the greatest uptake of walking and cycling through the development of safe and comfortable facilities.

MWH provides a wide range of transportation services including public transport and active transport services to the public and private sectors. We have an excellent track record in planning, design, management and delivery of multi‑modal transport networks and infrastructure. Our philosophy is to ensure the transport solutions we provide for today are efficient, affordable and safe in the current environment and remain suitable and relevant for future generations.

Our transport planners specialise in planning and advisory services for land use and integrated transport, infrastructure planning and policy development and implementation. Our services include:

  • Public Transport Operations and Infrastructure Planning
  • integrated transport and land use planning
  • Network and Corridor Planning
  • Impact Assessment Studies
  • Regional and Local Area Transport Plans
  • Urban Development Planning
  • Car-parking surveys, analysis and strategies
  • Pedestrian and Cycle modelling and planning
  • Accessibility Planning
  • Port Landside Development Planning
  • Travel Plans
  • Travel Demand Management
  • Transit-oriented Development
  • Transport Policy
  • Road Safety.

MWH has a depth of experience in a range of active and public transport planning projects in Australia.

Public Transport Operations Experience:
  • New Zealand Public Transport Service Costing
  • Lincoln Road Corridor Improvements – Detailed Design
  • Sydney Metropolitan Bus Service Project
  • Outer Sydney Metropolitan Bus Contracts Project.
Public Transport Network Design Experience:
  • Bus Route Audit Package (Western and Southern)
  • Caloundra South Transport Impact Assessment
  • Glen Eden Park and Ride
  • South East Queensland Bus Network Review (Design).
Public Transport Infrastructure Experience:
  • Passenger Transport Facilities Program – Upper Mt Gravatt and Toowong Business Case Development
  • Caloundra CBD Bus Station Study
  • Passenger Transport Facilities Program – 2013 and 2014 – Pre-feasibility Assessments.

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