Aquatic Ecology

Aquatic Services MWHOur aim is to successfully deliver to our clients, a high quality of service that includes the assessment of freshwater, saline, marine, estuarine and coastal ecosystems, which may be influenced by dewatering, flow diversion, drawdown, and changes in water quality, with the intent to maintain ecological integrity, function and values.

Our team can provide well-designed, cost-effective and practical monitoring programs to investigate all aspects of the aquatic environment. Work is carried out by our highly qualified and experienced team, conducted in accordance with relevant legislation and adhering to regulatory licensing conditions. With a strong background in research, the group have developed a range of monitoring tools specifically for temporary Australian waters.

We offer a broad suite of services across the government, industry, mining, and oil & gas sectors. Our state of the art laboratory equipment and imaging software, together with in-house database services and statistical packages, enable the group to deliver scientifically robust and professional products to our clients.

Our Capabilities
Aquatic Assessments
  • Desktop reviews and baseline surveys
  • Specialist taxonomy
  • Biomonitoring using indicator species
Licensing and Monitoring
  • Establishment of trigger values
  • Compliance monitoring and reporting

Environmental Impact Assessments

  • Scoping and referral documents
  • Public and regulatory responses
Mosquito Monitoring and Management
  • Desktop reviews and baseline surveys
Monitoring and management plans
  • Specialist taxonomy
  • Breeding triggers
Technical Skills
  • Water and sediment analysis
  • Algae (specialising in diatoms)
  • Macrophytes and riparian vegetation
  • Aquatic invertebrates
  • Biting insects (specialising in mosquitoes)
  • Waterbirds, fish and other vertebrate fauna
  • Surface and groundwater hydrology
  • Conservation significant species
  • Ecosystem values
Recent Experience
Aquatic Assessments / Research Projects
  • Goldfields – A 10 year overview of dewatering discharge to Lake Carey. Lake Carey Catchment Management Group (LCCMG).
  • Papua New Guinea – Aquatic fauna survey of streams in the Madang Province, Papua New Guinea. Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) Ltd.
Licensing Reports / Monitoring Criteria
  • Gascoyne – Review of dewatering discharge criteria for Lake Wownaminya, Golden Grove Mine, MMG.
  • Swan Coastal Plain – Annual ecological assessment of Gypsum Lake, Jurien Bay. CSR Gyprock Fibre Cement.
Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Pilbara – Aquatic baseline study and risk assessment of the Ridley River and Mucangarra Pool for the Pardoo DSO Project. Atlas Iron Ltd.
Mosquito Monitoring / Management
  • Swan Coastal Plain – Development of a mosquito monitoring program and practical management recommendations for residential areas. City of Armadale.
  • Pilbara – EIS marine technical and subcontractor management. Wheatstone LNG Project, Chevron Australia.

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