prac MWHProgressive Rehabilitation and Closure System (PRAC™) allows mine sites to operationalise static mine closure plans by implementing a systematic approach through a cloud-based, online task management system, enabling dynamic progressive rehabilitation and mine closure planning.

PRAC™ is an online, mine closure planning tool that was developed by MWH more than 12 years ago. PRAC™ is comprised of the following key components:

  • Map Interface: Visualise closure features and domains, and use the map tool to locate all closure data relevant to that mine feature.
  • Knowledge Base: Capture and store all closure knowledge within PRAC™, creating a repository for historical information, enabling the user to determine the closure knowledge gaps of a feature and easily access the tasks required to address the knowledge gaps.
  • Document Management: PRAC™ provides a central location to store all closure related documents including monitoring data, approvals, technical studies and regulatory correspondence. PRAC™ utilises a cloud-based storage system and links documents back to individual closure features, or stores them for overarching closure reference.
  • Task Management: Closure tasks are developed to address knowledge gaps and facilitate specific rehabilitation, closure and decommissioning activities. PRAC™ helps allocate, track task details, task costs, scheduling and task completion. The PRAC™ gantt chart helps easily determine the progress of tasks.
  • Field Data Capture: Access closure tasks online or offline while in the field, and capture task progress comments and photos using the tablet or smart phoned based AutoForm, which then uploads your field notes straight into PRAC™.
  • Reporting: PRAC™ can generate progress reports allowing simple internal and external communication of closure implementation progress.
Value of PRAC™
  • Early estimation of closure costs
  • Facilitates the ongoing reduction of environmental liabilities
  • Identifies high risk issues to help prioritise work
  • Captures key closure knowledge in a centralised location
  • Facilitates progressive rehabilitation
  • Reduces business risk
Key Features of PRAC™
  • Consolidates records and processes
  • Enabler of operational efficiencies
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities
  • Dynamic closure task planning and task management
  • Schedules tasks (investigations, research and trials and closure and decommissioning tasks)
  • Specific access and authorisation control, and tracks changes
  • AutoForm™ field data logging/capturing
  • Manages task progress (or status) and track budget expenditure through an interactive Gantt chart
  • Track budget expenditure through task reporting
  • Email alert functionality notifies users of any changes or updates to tasks
  • Document library allows for easy online storage and retrieval
  • Comprehensive version history
  • Dashboard reporting can be designed to automatically generate monthly reports (in a tailored template form)

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