Rehabilitation, Monitoring & Completion Criteria

Stephanie Birch

Stephanie Birch

Team Lead Rehabilitation, Monitoring and Completion Criteria

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Dr David Jasper

Dr David Jasper

Principle Scientist Rehabilitation, Monitoring and Completion Criteria

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Rehabilitation Monitoring Completion Criteria MWHOur aim is to successfully deliver to our clients a high quality of service specifically tailored to rehabilitation science, environmental impact monitoring and the development of completion criteria for mine closure planning.

Our group consists of a qualified team of environmental scientists and managers, with extensive experience in the mining industry. Our key monitoring method, Ecosystem Function Analysis (EFA), has gained regulatory acceptance and is widely used within Australia to monitor rehabilitation on mine sites. EFA data is also increasingly being used to set completion criteria and has been successfully used to demonstrate rehabilitation success for the reduction of financial sureties (e.g. tenement bonds).

While primarily implementing the EFA method, our monitoring programs also incorporate a range of field techniques customised for each mine, and the associated natural environment. In addition to rehabilitation monitoring, we also have the capability to employ various field methods, statistical techniques and geospatial analyses to assess a wide range of environmental impacts.

Our Capabilities
Program Design & Implementation
  • Tailoring monitoring to site-specific requirements and completion criteria
  • Rehabilitation Classification (RC)
  • Ecosystem Function Analysis (EFA)
  • Landscape Function Analysis (LFA)
  • Vegetation assessments
  • Erosion assessments
  • Faunal habitat assessments
  • Photo monitoring
  • Vegetation condition monitoring
  • Closure domain mapping
Targeted Environmental Assessment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Fauna habitat
  • Herbivore grazing
  • Weed mapping
  • Post-fire assessment
  • TSF seepage impact assessment
Training and Advice
  • Development of rehabilitation strategies and management plans
  • EFA workshops and training
  • Rehabilitation data and report auditing
  • Provision of recommendations for rehabilitation success
  • Completion Criteria
  • Development of key performance indicators
  • Stakeholder liaison
  • Reporting rehabilitation success against completion criteria
Recent Experience
  • Landscape Function Analysis (LFA) baseline assessment and comparison against completion criteria targets for the Wheatstone Project Rehabilitation Classification (RC).
  • Development and implementation of post-fire assessment at Barrow Island.
  • Development and implementation of LFA, vegetation and soil biological assessment of topsoil stockpiles on Barrow Island.
  • Development and implementation of herbivore grazing impact assessment on vegetation establishment in rehabilitated areas on Barrow Island.
  • Rehabilitation reference site establishment and annual rehabilitation monitoring across all Rio Tinto Iron Ore Pilbara sites.
  • Annual rehabilitation monitoring across all Fortescue Metals Group sites and rail network.
  • Provision of rehabilitation monitoring procedures to Golden Grove, Roy Hill (rail) and St Ives sites.
  • Annual vegetation condition and photo monitoring (EIA) of natural plant communities at Leinster, BHP Billiton Nickel West.
  • Biannual vegetation condition and seepage monitoring along southern and eastern aspects of the Mt Keith Central Discharge Tailings Storage Facility (CDTSF), BHP Billiton Nickel West.
  • Annual Ecosystem Function Analysis (EFA) of rehabilitated sites and completion criteria development for Challenger Gold Mine, South Australia.
  • Completion criteria review and annual Ecosystem Function Analysis (EFA) of rehabilitated sites at Ravenswood Gold Mine, Queensland.
  • Biennial Ecosystem Function Analysis and completion criteria development for the Woodcutters mine, Northern Territory.
  •  Ecosystem Function Analysis (EFA) workshops run at Blair Athol (Rio Tinto Coal Australia), QLD, Paddington (Norton Gold Fields Ltd), Kalgoorlie, and Golden Grove .
  • Development of completion criteria for closure, at sites with diverse commodities and environments, including Barrow Island, Eneabba, Woodcutters, Boddington and Kalgoorlie.

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