Management Consulting

Management Consulting MWHApplying our Global Management Consulting Experience in Local Communities

Increasingly, the challenges faced by governments, utilities and businesses are not just technical. Rather they involve redesigning organisations, optimising processes and procedures, harnessing technology and “big data,” addressing financial and risk constraints, and making decisions under uncertainty and increasing scrutiny – all with the goal of creating a sustainable business.

MWH offers management consulting services through Hawksley Consulting. The Hawksley Consulting team of more than 150 global management consultants partners with clients on their toughest challenges – offering a holistic approach to tackling business challenges by looking at your entire organization and business to evaluate your challenges and implement strategic and impactful solutions.

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Consulting is about more than strengthening organisations. It is about bringing organisations and their customers closer together and building resilience in communities through partnerships and strategic networks with aligned goals and ambitions. Because without critical water, wastewater and energy services, our communities would not sustainably develop and thrive as they should.

Asset Management

Organisations worldwide face continuous challenges as increases in demand, regulatory requirements and infrastructure deterioration outpace budget increases. These challenges make a strategic asset management plan essential to your success. Through broad-based evaluation of strategy, people, processes, data and technology, we work with you to assess current capabilities and determine next steps to achieve quick wins and develop long-term plans. Our management consultants bring you asset management best practices from New Zealand, Australia, the U.K. and the U.S. to accomplish these goals.

Hawksley provides a comprehensive set of consulting and technology solutions to improve business performance and asset lifecycle management.

Asset management is an ongoing business discipline and culture, not a one-time event. Hawksley provides a structured approach that addresses not only physical asset infrastructure, but also the supporting people, business processes, organisation and enabling technologies to deliver performance improvements that are sustainable.

The ultimate goal of strategic asset management is to achieve service level targets within defined risk and cost constraints.

Business Transformations

Increasingly, the challenges faced by governments, utilities and businesses are not just technical. Rather they involve redesigning organisations, managing assets, optimising operations, harnessing technology, addressing financial and risk constraints, and making decisions in an environment of increasing scrutiny – all with the goal of creating a more sustainable business. Effecting fundamental change is hard: it requires new processes, organizational desire and capabilities, and technological enablers. Our business transformations approach addresses these challenges head on to help clients achieve tangible and sustainable improvements. We help clients fundamentally transform the way they do business so their operational performance aligns with their high-level objectives.

At Hawksley, we build on our experience in the infrastructure, utility and transport markets to partner with you on your toughest challenges – offering a holistic approach to tackling business challenges. We combine our years of utility experience with business consulting expertise to help you do more with less.

Hawksley assists in transforming your business by strengthening your strategic capabilities and building your credibility with stakeholders.

Risk & Resilience

Risks and their sources are many and varied; they can be natural or man-made, and have a range of financial, social, or environmental consequences that vary in severity from minor to catastrophic.

In our changing world, resilience to risk will mean the difference between success and failure. Resilience to financial risk will ensure a business can maintain profitability into the future. Resilience to disaster risk will ensure governments, emergency services and the community are well prepared to reduce the impacts of hazardous events and can recover quickly when they occur.

Organisations and communities need to have a clear framework for managing the risks they are likely to encounter, and their ability to identify, treat, respond to and recover from risks will set them apart from others.

Hawksley provides a range of risk and resilience management consulting services to clients across multiple sectors, including organisational and project risk, and disaster and climate resilience. We provide solutions across governance, management, finance, engineering and land use planning that best suits the response to your risks.

Stakeholder Engagement

Hawksley builds on proven experience to help you manage your stakeholder relationships and build a common understanding using customer relationship management, stakeholder engagement, public participation, regulatory liaison and community engagement tactics. Keeping key stakeholders informed and delivering customer-focused service outcomes is a vital part of business processes and practices.

At Hawksley, we build on our experience in the water, wastewater, energy, industry and transport markets to help you manage your stakeholder relationships and leverage value from collaboration. Our methodology helps you understand your key stakeholders and uncover their points of view while building strategies and tactics for constructively discussing all issues and challenges to ultimately find a favourable solution.

Public Participation
For every utility and government organisation, the community is their most important stakeholder. Specific and tailored community engagement is central to meeting public expectations, lowering complaints, building trust and keeping the public informed of ongoing activities. Our experience includes building community engagement programs throughout Australia, New Zealand, the U.K. and the U.S. We work with you and community organisations to build stakeholder trust as part of largescale water, wastewater, transport and energy programs and projects.

Regulatory Liaison
From managing regulatory approvals across the Asia Pacific region to asset management planning cycles in the U.K., it is increasingly important for utilities and government agencies to build and maintain positive relationships with regulators. Few regulatory issues in the market have simple yes or no answers, and most demonstrate complexities and subtleties that make them less than definitive. Hawksley helps you understand how to manage different financial and technical options, opinions and solutions while engaging with regulators – an important skill for utilities and organisations worldwide.

Communications Planning
Consistent messaging across stakeholder audiences is vital to conveying trust and accountability. Through a proven process, Hawksley assists you in building strong communications plans that define organisational communications goals, identify and define key stakeholder groups, develop key messaging and determine the best communications tactics for each audience. A good communications plan ultimately tailors communications to audiences to ensure the right messages are consistently delivered to the right people at the right time.

Strategy & Advisory Services

Hawksley strategy and advisory services have a long tradition of delivering leading-edge engineering solutions in the utilities and infrastructure sectors.

Utilities and businesses now face a confluence of challenges: budget constraints, aging infrastructure, increased scrutiny and workforce turnover. These challenges demand more than ‘best practices’ – they demand specific trade-offs with tailored operating models. They demand true strategic planning and rigorous strategy implementation. Our well-established Strategic Consulting practice builds on this heritage, and the intimacy of industry understanding that it brings, to help our clients achieve excellence in the business side of delivering, operating and managing infrastructure and associated services.

At Hawksley, we help clients develop strategic business plans and then convert these plans into action. We integrate your strategies and business plans with proven financial and risk management processes to provide your organisation with a holistic approach to business. We offer strategic planning, enterprise benchmarking and portfolio investment optimisation services to water, energy, government, industrial and transportation and private industry clients worldwide.

Hawksley is uniquely positioned to offer a combination of strong management consulting capability, knowledge of our clients’ businesses, together with access to the latest in international trends and best practice that only a truly global firm can provide.