Every company has a story to tell. In May 2016 when we joined with Stantec, we pointed our story in an exciting new direction. Now, our story is beginning a new chapter.

Effective 1 May 2017, our Australian company is now called Stantec Australia Pty Ltd. This is a name change only, all other Company details remain unchanged. This will not affect any current contracts.

At the same time as our Company name change we will also begin our transition to the Stantec brand, allowing us to finish what began in 2016.

As a trusted member of our community, you will see our story continue to unfold firsthand as we move our brand across to match our new Company name. You will see the MWH name slowly phase out and replaced with the Stantec name and colours, like our business cards, signage, and everywhere else our brand and people are represented.

It is a change that excites us and one we look forward to sharing with you. But know that our relationship with you remains our number one priority. You will continue to see the same people doing business with you with the same goal: to deliver the highest level of service while striving to exceed your expectations.

As industry leaders, both MWH and Stantec provide a full range of services to meet the challenges of our diverse client base. And this next step in our transition supports our belief that we are better together. We look forward to continuing to provide a wider breadth of service with an even better ability to acquire global expertise across all sectors.

We are excited to share our story with you, and invite you to explore our websites, and, to celebrate with us the commitment we share to all communities. It is an exciting future not only for us, but also for you, a trusted member of our community.


 Mark Bruzzone's Signature 2


Mark Bruzzone
Managing Director, Asia-Pacific